Lady Gaga

Extra has listed some interesting figures about Lady Gaga on their website which I had to share with you. I have found them astonishing to say the least.

Lady Gaga by the Numbers

1.5 Billion…

… is how many views Lady Gaga has received on her YouTube channel.

$227.4 Million…

… is how much the Gaga was worth in 2010, placing her at the top of the Forbes 100 Celebrity List, besting the previous champ, Oprah Winfrey.

32 Million…

… is how many Facebook friends the eccentric singer has.

10 Million…

… is how many Twitter followers.

$5 Million…

… is how much Gaga’s Beverly Hills mansion is worth.

$3 Million…

… is how much the quirky performer was in debt from financing her “Monster Ball” tour. She told the Financial Times, “I put everything in the show, and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of the ‘Monster Ball.’ And it was funny because I didn’t know! And I remember I called everybody and said, ‘Why is everyone saying I have no money? This is ridiculous, I have five number one singles’ — and they said, ‘Well, you’re $3 million in debt.'”

1.1 Million…

… is how many copies of “Born This Way” sold in its debut week.


… is how many awards Lady Gaga has won.

One thought on “Lady Gaga

  1. She seems to have done very well for herself! Some artists make more money from tours then they do from selling albums!

    She is a very successful singer and she is the next Madonna the way she is going!

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