Celebrating The Royal Wedding

Royal Cake from November Bakery

Royal Cake from November Bakery

Last Friday was fun, my family and I tuned in to watch the royal wedding as did the whole world. What an interesting event it was, the world needed to watch something uplifting and happy especially after what’s been going around in the region. What I loved most was the variety of hats, I admired the designs and how flamboyant they were, only in Britain can one pull wearing such one.

We indulged in cake from the November Bakery while enjoying the festivities. November Bakery made a Royal Wedding cake just for that day with the British flag painted on it. It was absolutely delicious, I could not stop myself from eating more. Heart-breaker was the flavor. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s 3 layers of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet all in one cake, tempting isn’t it?

One thought on “Celebrating The Royal Wedding

  1. I know right! The hats were in all types of colors and shapes and I was tempted to buy a hat after watching the wedding. =D

    By the way, The cake looks delicious!

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