Michael Scott Bids Farewell

What  a sad day it is for The Office fans as Michael Scott (Steve Carrel) takes his last bow on tonight’s episode. I am saddened by his departure. I don’t think anyone could ever replace him and his odd sense of humor as an obnoxious boss. Will Ferrel played his replacement in the last 2 episodes but as a Fan of Michael Scott I don’t think he is well suited for this role. I wonder how the future of the show would be without him. Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott make an excellent cameo together, without one another there would be a huge element missing in the dynamic of the show. I just hope the quality of the show doesn’t dwindle when Steve Carrel Leaves and maintains its level if not get better, it would be even worse to see the show slide down in ratings and get the axe.

Here’s a clip of the memorable moments of Michael Scott

Here’s to the World’s Best Boss Michael Scott .. We Love you and going to miss you! 

5 thoughts on “Michael Scott Bids Farewell

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