Movie Night – Knight and Day

Starring – Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Jordi Mollà, Viola Davis, Paul Dano

The plot involves Roy Miller, a spy who meets June Havers, who’s on her way home to Boston to go to her sister’s wedding. He’s been protecting a young scientist who’s being hunted for his newest invention. Roy’s partner  has gone rogue and is attempting to steal the boy’s invention and sell it on the black market.

Knight and Day is by far one of Tom Cruise’s worst movies ever. The movie was so fake and unrealistic. In my opinion Cameron Diaz was unfit for the role, another actress would have done the job better. Tom Cruise was annoying, especially with his catch phrase, “Don’t worry, I got it”  There were a few laughs during the movie but there were times where I almost fell asleep.

B’s Verdict –

Should you go to the cinema and watch it?  Only if you’re a Tom Cruise fan and have to see it no matter how bad the movie is. I was tricked into doing so because of the Trailer and cast. I left disappointed.

Couple’s Movie?- Yes, So you can fall asleep on your significant other’s shoulder during the boring scenes

Friends Movie ?- Yes

B’s Score – 2.5 / 5

Would B watch it again? No, one time too many.

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