iTunes Radio


Listening to music while browsing is something that I enjoy doing but listening to the same songs on my playlist over and over again gets to be boring after a while.  To get over this problem I use the iTunes Radio feature quite often. One of my favorite stations that I listen to is Play Top 40 but it no longer streams smoothly, so naturally I moved down the list until I found B96’s link. Since then, B96 fm, Chicago’s Hip Hop radio station has been doing the job lately and I’m quite content with it.

To find the station on iTunes go to iTunes Radio > Hip Hip > B96

5 thoughts on “iTunes Radio

  1. I usually listen to “997 hits Fm” through my itunes. I came across it online sometime ago, and it plays all the latest music alongside old and recent hits. And I haven’t encountered any problems whatsoever in terms of buffering time and lag. The website is

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