Viva Annoyances

Viva Logo

I’ve been using Vivas Internet for the past few months and i have been quite happy with their speeds, however I’ve been having some issues with both the router and USB plug in lately.

Until the past 2 weeks i’ve faced these issues;

  • Snow leopard and viva USB plug don’t go too well. It either doesn’t read the drive or the program crashes – anyone know how to go around that?

Viva Crashing

  • Customer service is appalling, a payment has been made using their online payment option which I then find out after a couple of weeks didn’t go through. I showed them my reference number and they said that they were going to check on it but I have yet to hear back from them and it’s been 24 hrs already. I got annoyed and decided to give them a call and I was on hold for 1 hour and 5 mins until someone picked up.
  • Viva’s website needs to be revamped – especially in the payment’s section, I think the customer should have the option of  being able to view all payment history, dues and all existing lines under his/her name.

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