Lost Baggage


Ever wondered where lost unclaimed baggage went?

In 2008 alone, 1.8 million bags were lost forever, due to not making flight connections or being sent to the wrong flights. So what happens to them after 90 days when no ones claims them? Unclaimed Baggage Center, a company based in Alabama buys truckloads of unclaimed bags from airlines and sells whatever they find, So out of curiosity I went on their website and browsed around, they had some interesting finds.

  • A 5.8 Carat Diamond Solitaire ring was sold for $25,000.  What puzzles me is who would put a Diamond Ring in their suitcase!
  • A 40.95-carat emerald I wonder how much they sold that for
  • A guidance system for an F16 fighter jet valued at a quarter of a million dollars, but that was then returned to the US Navy
  • A Rattle Snake packed in a bag! Now how would that pass through security screening and let alone survive for 90 days without food or water?

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