Am I Missing Something Here?


Ahlam's Album Article from Zoomkw

Ahlam's Album Article from Zoomkw


I’ve been getting a lot of annoying SMS’s from Zoomkw that I haven’t subscribed to (How can I stop them? ). I decided to log on to their website and see what I can do about it,  that is when I stumbled  upon this headline. I am not so much in touch with Arab entertainment news, however this caught my attention! I hope it’s a typo!  Kuwaiti? Since when? I am 100% sure she’s not, so if they’re getting Ahlam’s nationality all wrong, I wonder how much of their So-Called breaking news content is trustworthy!

5 thoughts on “Am I Missing Something Here?

  1. I HATE sms advertising of all sorts! I don’t wish to receive and the abuse of those rights are annoying in Kuwait! There are no laws to protect you from them or to opt out from all advertising!!!!

    • They are annoying! i get plenty of them! I turn off my SMS alert at times just because of them which causes me to miss important text messages

  2. call zain or so,and tell them that u dont want to receive any advertising messages any more ,and the’re going to do it . i did it 🙂

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