Man 1 – Shark 0

A group of divers went to the Gulf of Mexico to go spear fishing. During the expedition, one of the divers was attacked by an aggressive 12-foot tiger shark and made it out alive!  It was reported that he wrestled the shark for two hours – speared the shark in the gills and finished him off with a knife! That’s the kind of guy I’d want swimming next to me if I decide to take on/ go scuba diving (which I’m seriously considering), you know just incase a voracious hunter comes my way! 


Diver Tackling Shark

Diver Tackling Shark

7 thoughts on “Man 1 – Shark 0

  1. its a shame it gives us spearos a bad image that were mindless killers that just kill anything that swims. the guy is a spearfisherman he knows better then that sharks just hang around for a couple of minutes and then swim away because are attracted by the speared fish I have encountered sharks but never speared one because there is no sense im not going to eat it wela 7atan emyadam ! he just wanted the action and whole macho image! the beauty of spearfishing is that we are selective of our fish unlike line fishing and gargoors which are destructive to our ecosystem

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