Hermès – Birkin with a New Twist

To all Birkin Lovers ->  What the Fall 2009 Birkins will look like. 


Charcoal Birkin

Charcoal Birkin


Brown Birkin

Brown Birkin


I personally think they committed Birkin suicide. Oh my! 

* Jo my dear – I don’t think you and I will befriend any Hermès sales associate we meet nor search down any boutiques we come across this summer.


To the Birkin illiterate –  of which I assume that most guys are, here’s the 411 (Just incase you’re interested)

  • There are bags — and then there’s the Birkin. The Hermès design is the epitome of luxury.
  • The Hermès Birkin is the Holy Grail of purses
  • The inception of the Birkin was in 1984
  • Prices of the standard 35cm Birkin range from around $7.000 – $15,000, depending on the leather or exotic skin, with a price tag far higher for a special edition.
  • Production is only five Birkins per week, which explains the long waiting lists


“Handbags to women are what cars are to men”

8 thoughts on “Hermès – Birkin with a New Twist

  1. I love the statement, i thought that was the case with shoes.

    I did know about the Birkin bag, thanks to rap music & fellow arabs i see around the world, but i didnt know the details listed, so thank you.

    aside from that, to you, hand bags or shoes ?

  2. hmmm… i haven’t made my mind up whether i like it or not..

    i think its important to mention too that it looks ridiculous when teenagers aka 16-18 yr old girlies carrying this piece of art! iybi6oon chabdi il yahel ili maskatli a berkin or kelly (akeed malat omha).. depreciates and undervalues the bag..

    • Thank you for bringing up this point! I completely agree with you! I truly believe that with every bag a certain age group is appropriate. Teenagers carrying Birkins or Kellys is just ridiculous. They should stick to what’s young and hip. I sometimes think to myself what will these girls wear if they grow older?! I keep telling my little cousins please act your age, by doing so, you will learn to appreciate the finer things in life.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! They really committed Birkin suicide.. Doubt I’ll be looking for one now could it look any uglier? lol..

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