Who Pimped Your Car!

While parking at the Sultan Center Sharq, I could not help but notice this car parked to my right!

“Dear God, This is Ugly!” I reacted

“What’s Wrong?” My friend asked

“Look”  I pointed, reached for my camera and snapped away! It was too good to miss.


Fellow readers, bloggers, family and friends may I present you with the eye sore I had to endure that day. 

Louis Vuitton Multi-Color Monogram Abuse

Louis Vuitton Multi-Color Monogram Abuse

Back Window

Back Window

LV monogram on rear lights

LV monogram on rear lights

Rear End Sticker

Rear End Sticker


 B’s Thoughts – 

  • Covering your car seats with the Louis Vuitton Multi-Color monogram is simply Ugly. It hurts my eye just looking at it! 
  • Why would you cover your rear lights with the LV Logo?!  Is this the closest thing you can get to owning or pretending to own a Louis Vuitton?
  • Oh and the Sticker, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with girls, just seeing your car and what you’ve done to it will have them running away! AS FAR AWAY AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN 



P.S.  – This will be a start of a series of posts about the Ugly & Nasty.  Stay Tuned!  

Thank You Mr X. for inspiring me 


19 thoughts on “Who Pimped Your Car!

  1. Ya i’ve actually seen those around in kwt.. watch for the mini cooper with burberry interior! reminds me of the ghetto in miami lol .. never thought the ghetto-ness would globalize allll the way here!

    • Beats me! i kept asking this question over and over again! Although it would be interesting to ask the owner of this car about why he’s turned it this way! I should look into it!

  2. That goes to the list of ugly cars in Kuwait! Seriously there has to be blog for ugly cars where people can email them and we can post them up!!! lol

    I think this guy should work in an LV factory making leather goods.. that would help him rethink his fashion sense!

    • I don’t know how he can sit in that ugliness day in and day out!

      Well i have the ugly and nasty series, so shoot em my way and i’ll post them! 😀

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