Doc’s Design- a – Kid


Doc's design- a - kid

Doc's design- a - kid



With today’s medical advancement couples will have the chance to custom make their own baby. A Fertility clinic in New York and LA will be offering the parents the opportunity to choose the hair, eye and skin color of their baby along with gender selection within the next 6 months. This will be achieved through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the procedure used to weed out problem embryos and allows parents to choose a gender.


The catch

This produces better results with couples of Scandinavian heritage because their genes pool are least diluted. 

Side effects are not known yet

It’s not yet perfected



The Argument 

This has caused an uproar amongst people in the medical field and right to life groups. Those that are Pro -PGD say that it stamps out disease and gives the couple control over of what their baby will be like . Whereas those who are against it argue that you can’t alter God’s creation thus you can’t create the perfect race. It is against bioethics and by destroying unsuitable embryos you might as well flush down the human race.


A Moral Conundrum?  


Your 2 cents

4 thoughts on “Doc’s Design- a – Kid

  1. Abdullah – You have a point .. pick a good looking partner and you’re all set :p

    Marzouq – Denzel Washington! Why!

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