$25,000 New Years Eve Ticket!


Lavo Las Vegas

Lavo Las Vegas


New Year Eve is right around the corner. What do you have planned?  I still haven’t made any plans but as I was browsing I stumbled upon this New Year Party offer. The Celeb-studded LAVO club at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas is selling an exclusive $25K New Year’s Eve party package. It will be hosted by Grammy-winning artist Fergie.

This insane package includes;

  • Entry for 25 of your BFFs! (Yay)
  • The VIP corner table on the terrace (Yay)
  • Exclusive access to the private dining room for celebrating indoors and out (Yay)
  • A pyramid of Mediterranean small plates and Beluga caviar prepared by acclaimed chef Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre (Yay)
  • Luxey libations like a jeroboam of Cristal Champagne, two bottles of Utimat Vodka and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue (N/A) 
  • Partake in the signature hookah  experience with a custom blend designed by LAVO’s own hookah master (Since when was sheesha considered a cool thing to smoke .. ekkh sorry sheesha lovers but it suffocates me) (Nay)
  • Hang with Fergie until 5:00 AM! (Yay)

The Best thing about this package is that you can bring up to 25 of your friends with you which works out to a $1000/ person, Now if only  I can fly 25 of my friends over to Las Vegas  *sigh* (Yeah, Dream on B)

4 thoughts on “$25,000 New Years Eve Ticket!

  1. If everyone is going to bring 25 people then that won’t be a party, that will be a battle ground for who can suck the oxygen first before the other guys do. Wear an oxygen mask and tell them you thought it was a masquerade party.

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