Once you Berg(dorf) you don’t Saks!

I don’t know if it’s the snobbish side of me talking or not,  but over the past few years I’ve come to realize that Saks Fifth Avenue no longer does it for me. It’s not as glitzy as it once was! The only reason I went in this time is because I wanted to check out the Christmas decorations and pick up a few things my family wanted. The Sale was ridiculous, they were up to 70% off the original prices. The overflowed racks made the clothes look disgusting and loose their appeal. This shows you how bad the store wants to get rid of their inventory and create an incentive for people to buy during these bad economic times! They are creating the “bargain” deal to attract more customers in for Christmas shopping!  I don’t remember Saks ever offering  this much discount before! 

On the other hand Bergdorf Goodman was running a gift card + discount promotion that made you get more for your money and their merchandise is quiet exquisite. Everything was beautifully arranged and neatly organized. I can spend hours in there without getting bored! Their sales associates are very helpful and extremely nice, unlike Saks where you have to literally beg for their attention! It’s been months since I last visited but when I went in a few days ago I was actually greeted by name on every floor, I was surprised that they still remembered me. That’s great customer service for you!

4 thoughts on “Once you Berg(dorf) you don’t Saks!

  1. When they remember you that is when you should be worried! 😉

    But I agree Bergdoff is better service, I even saw that from over 3 years ago when I was last there!

    • Marzouq – Nothing to be worried about, That is as long as they get me what I want! haha

      Amu – I wish! but this isn’t the case! haha

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