A Dunderhead Definition reads: 


1. (n) Any beleaguered employee of Dunder Mifflin Paper’s Scranton, Pa., branch;

2. (n) Slang term for the fan who keeps Dunder Mifflin running; the under head of Dunder Mifflin; formerly dunderhead;

3. (n) One who is an expert at games like hot dog eating and sumo wrestling;

4. (n) One with an insatiable urge to suspend office supplies in jello. 

5. (n) One with a compulsion to yell, ”That’s what she said” at inappropriate times;

6. (n) An aficionado of NBC’s The Office, who is given to writing fan fiction about the show, dissecting Jim and Pam’s relationship, utters phrases like ”Dinkin Flicka” and precedes every question with the word ”uestion.” 


My obsession with the office (US)  is beyond normal. Not a  day passes without watching  an episode . The show is absolutely hilarious and entertaining. The humor is just brilliant.  Michael Scott (Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin) and Dwight Schrute (Assistant (TO the) regional manager or so he thinks) are the best characters TV ever produced. Dwight never fails to make me laugh at his comments or actions and Michael blows me away with his management style. I would quit my job if i had a boss like him!  Let’s not forget Jim’s pranks on Dwight! well they are priceless!

The office is currently on  its 5th season and I’m looking forward to what the show has in store for us!


“Question” Are you a  dunderhead? I know I am


Here’s the best of Jim’s Pranks on Dwight! 







8 thoughts on “Dunderhead

  1. Mrs Dicken’s – It’s one of these that people either get or don’t!

    Marzouq – You Should!

    Brokesaudi – Who would you want to be?

    Sabeur – That scene was so funny!! I loved it! Jim/Dwight pranks rock!

  2. Dwight is the man. I just ordered a sweet Dwight Schrute for President shirt from http://www.PantherTees.com. They have tons of stuff from The Office. They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, pts10 (it is case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!

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