Love Lockdown



I’m in love with Kanye West’s original and remixed song Love Lockdown since it debuted on the Mtv Video Music Awards a couple months back. I can’t help but think of how would people dance to the original song if it were to be played at a Kuwaiti Wedding. I can imagine the older aunties complaining “shino hal iz3aj” and the younger girls shaking it especially towards the end of the song! 


Now keep your love locked down 

Your love locked down

4 thoughts on “Love Lockdown

  1. I heard the song today on the radio.

    I can’t get those drum beats out of my head. I need to hear either a backstreet boys song or love is all around me by wet wet wet so that i can get that drum after taste out of my head.

  2. He is honestly something else, to go from what he does to this is just amazing! I do love this song! The lyrics are just amazing and the beat fits perfectly some how!

    The Remix is cool! 🙂

  3. Wisdom – Love is all around! Thanks! Now I can’t get it out of my head! I need another song to get rid of this song you made stick in my head!

    Marzouq – He sure did come a long way! His other song heartless is nice as well! beautiful lyrics

    Exzombie – Thanks

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