What is the point and in Arabic?  Would Obama accidentally drive around this block and read it? I just don’t understand.

Source – Al-Watan

6 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. This guy has too much free time, and not so many friends.

    Maybe he put that up so in case USA invades us they wouldn’t kill him! But it could backfire and they kill him for the ugly colors he choose.

    Maybe politically this guy wants to make it clear for some people that he’s on America’s side, the point of it isn’t really to congratulate Obama.

  2. The M Code – Who know’s what’s going on inside that guy’s head!

    Marzouq – Hathi likuwait 9al 3ala nibi 🙂

    KTDP – I agree

    Amu – I guess a lot of people were thinking the same!

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