It’s That Time Of Year!


Yes, it is ..

Ramadan Kareem, “Embarak 3alaikom eshahar jamee3an”

It’s time for the depressing TV soap operas, The wonderful family gatherings, Late night munchies and last but not least the pounds you pile on .

Happy Ramadaning folks 🙂

P.S Sorry I Couldn’t Resist That Image, I Had To Upload It lol

13 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year!

  1. I beat u 2 it (Sorry) 😛 hehehe aaaah can’t wait till fu6oor sambooosa kubba lgaimat who knows what else i’m hungry already!

    & 3alaina w 3alaich!

  2. Sweet D – It’s ok 😀

    Enigma – Great minds think alike .. Allaaah !! now i’m hungry too i can’t resist samboosa and kubba.

    Blue Dress – Enigma had it, but i didn’t realize until i posted it. i found the image through google while i was looking for ramadan images.

  3. Hilarious 😀 Happy Ramadaning honey! I remember those days when I used to do it with you guys … I miss those days of sitting on couch and drinking tea till I was caffeined out.

    Mil Besos

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