Witty, Stylish Manhattanite Wannabe!



5 a.m. the alarm goes off, you stare at it with one eye and one hand going over your head to hit the snooze button. 5.15 a.m. you drag yourself out of bed, hop into the shower and put on your tracksuit. Head out for a quick jog. Come back shower again, put on your work clothes and head out to the nearest cafe, grab your to go coffee, sprint down the crowded streets bumping into every briefcase or laptop bag in sight. It’s like a rat race trying to make it on time to work. You’re at work from 9-5 . Stress out, try to meet deadlines then it’s 5 p.m . time to leave! You zip out, beat the rush hour, get home just in time for dinner, your apartment’s buzzer buzzes, food delivery’s arrived. Time to wind down, put your feet up, have dinner and catch up with all your prime time shows. 11pm comes you head to bed, read a book, pass out and wake up at 5 am again for it to happen all over again.


The weekend comes, Friday night you get together with friends go out for dinner and paint the town red. Chill @ lounges, go on road trips, go to art gallery openings, or just simply relax on Sunday afternoons walking around Central Park. What a bliss!

Ah.. New York..

My heaven on earth. My dream is to land a job/career in Manhattan, NY. I adore the city life. There’s always something going on. Manhattan is a city filled with culture, entertainment and life. Fancy art galleries, museums, restaurants, high risers, the smell of the stinking streets in the summer, the sound of traffic, raging cab drivers and the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers sprinting down the streets make up what New York is and I LOVE IT.

You can almost feed off the rush and energy the city gives out, a natural high!

7 thoughts on “Witty, Stylish Manhattanite Wannabe!

  1. Why would you take a shower twice in the morning, 1 after the jog i think would be enough.

    A year in NYC would be fun, but a 6 figure salary and an apartment overlooking central park is a must.

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