Daily Dish

While Kuwait was experiencing the 4.3 earthquake I was in a BORDERS bookstore (on the other side of the world) and came across a few interesting books. I stocked up on literature from my favorite authors and headed to the bookstore’s café. On my way, there were shelves labeled “Borders Recommends” or “New Hardcover” just to satisfy my curiosity I picked some up to flip through while I sipped away my cold brewed vanilla latte. I came across some crazy facts from a detox diet guide book one of them was (according to what the book said) milk contributes to the deterioration of your bones. How bizarre is that! Right there and then I disregarded what this book had to say and chucked it away.

On the other hand one interesting book I got out of this so-called pile was titled The Manual by Steve Santagati. This guide talks about how to decode men – pointers given by non other than the bad boy himself. Ladies, it’s a funny read, some points may hit home and others may be way off especially in our society. That said, it’s a good leisure read, I enjoyed reading some of the chapters.

On another note;

  • I’d like to say “kha6akom esoo” to whoever lived through the minor quake Kuwait experienced.
  • Facebook– I think it’s getting boring nowadays. I don’t know why, yet I keep on checking every hour. It’s an annoying habit I have and wish to get rid off. Do you act the same way?
  • MSN Messenger– Ah. I’d like to understand why do people log on to their MSN Messenger accounts if 90% of the time they’re away from their computers. Isn’t the point of this software is communication? Every time I log on I see the same people on and Surprise THEY ARE AWAY!… I am considering creating a new group on my contact list, and labeling them as “NON ACTIVE, DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO MSG THEM”

I had so much more to talk about but the noise and people talking around me made me loose my train of thought! Maybe I’ll update later when it’s a little less hectic here.

4 thoughts on “Daily Dish

  1. Well I guess The Manual sounds like fun, will try to get it o read it though I don’t like reading that much…

    Facebook is only good for one thing, connecting estranged family members online; I saw my cousins which i didn’t see since invasion & that was cool other than that it’s crap! MSN, Well I do that sometimes, keep myself away so people I don’t wanna chat with just leave me alone

  2. Chikapappi –

    The book’s is an easy read, don’t worry about it. The book’s organized into categories and you can basically skim through it to get to the points you want.

    I’ve been on facebook for almost 3 years now, when it used to be open to US colleges at first. It got me connected to my high school friends, kept me in touch with my old college buddies from all over the world. I wouldn’t say its useless though, i guess what i meant in the post is that everyone seems to be busy lately and nothing interesting is being posted 😉

    As for MSN i do that sometimes too but i was referring to the ones who were always online 😀

  3. i do the same thing at Borders, I think I am leaving and then on the way to pay, I find like five more books, or – a new 2008 calendar I can’t resist! At Barnes & Noble, in some stores you find employee recommendations, and those are often really good for getting me to try something I haven’t tried before – like Maguire’s Wicked!

  4. for the facebook awal ma dsheitah I was surfing for 5-6 hours metwa9el ( only for the first time) after that qemt adesha kel 2-3 weeks.. 9ar fe wayed 3qad 3la ay shay poking..

    o belnesba lilMsn ana wa7id men ilnas awal kent kella away bas al7een kella offline! :>

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