Is he a “DHSF”,”CE” or “DA”?


I have come across this realization, that most men in our society can be categorized as “Die Hard Soccer Fans”,”Car Enthusiasts” or “Dewaniyah Addicts”. Very rarely do you see a man that doesn’t fit into these categories. I’m not saying they don’t exist, i’ve come across some who don’t fit, but i’m telling you, they represent the minority of the population. (Atleast the ones i’ve come across. I’m basing these assumptions on brothers, cousins, classmates, co-workers etc.)

What are your thoughts? I’m especially interested in hearing from the guys.. ?

Disclaimer: I’m in now way attacking anyone, or implying to offend men, I’m just reporting my observations.

4 thoughts on “Is he a “DHSF”,”CE” or “DA”?

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